Family Office

GULF ANALYTICA leverages its extensive experience spanning decades in assisting family offices across the GCC, working through multiple generations. We are committed to delivering bespoke advisory services of unparalleled quality. Our services are rooted in a deep understanding that every family office is unique, and therefore, we ensure our solutions are as diverse and customized as the needs of each family office. We offer tailored solutions

- Crafting family charters that address governance, ethical considerations, investment policies, and setting priorities
- Developing robust holding structures, including foundations, trusts, and holding companies
- Managing and screening deal flows
- Facilitating the selection of service providers, such as private bankers, general counsel, and specialists in accounting, trust, and estate management
- Formulating and implementing direct investment strategies, focusing on startups, venture capital, and co-investments
- Overseeing consolidated reporting systems, from implementation to management

We have a track record of providing in-depth guidance on the advantages and disadvantages of trusts versus foundations for family offices and their legal teams within the GCC. Additionally, we've supported numerous family offices in strategizing asset allocation, and in developing co-investment and startup financing programs, including seed capital, and early-stage Series A and B funding.