Supporting Services

Speaking events, recruitment event management, and training (for financial companies) in specialised financial areas as they impact business development in the Middle East e.g. hedge funds, private equity, portfolio management etc.

Recent examples:

  • Panel member participation at AIM Alternatives Summit Dubai (the major Middle East alternatives event) in November 2018 on topic of “Family Offices – Entering the Majlis”.
    • Position of families and their businesses in GCC society. Family portfolios and the merits of diversification/risk reduction. The investment process: achievement of long-term capital growth, predictable cash flows and minimisation of friction from taxes, fees and investment losses.
    • Asset allocation in practice. Sharia investment for family offices
    • Management structure of family offices. Family governance in the GCC.
    • Flotation of family business


  • Moderated panel at the AIM Alternatives Summit Dubai in November 2018 on topic of “Robo-advisory and digital wealth”
    • New trends and technologies in digital wealth.
    • What happened in 2018 from a VC funding perspective?
    • How are established wealth managers reacting to the challenge of new digital players?
    • What are the target market segments and expectations from robo-advisors?


  • Hosted and moderated the Saudi Investment Summit Dubai held in May 2018 in Ritz Carlton.
    • Topics covered (inter alia): (a) the road to 2030: diversifying a national economy, (b) the economic overhaul: widening foreign investor access and (c) the impact of socio-political risk on investment in Saudi Arabia etc
    • Roundtables on: (a) Oil at $100/bbl vs $20/bbl: outcome on Saudi Arabia of volatile prices, (b) revving up the economy: the role of women in KSA and (c) the rise of the accelerator: embracing the evolving start-up ecosystem


  • Moderated panel at the AIM Alternatives Summit Dubai in November 2017 on topic of “Global Private Debt .. a Dive inside the Minds of those Realizing Returns in Private Lending?
    • Who is investing in private debt? What is distressed debt? Valuing and restructuring distressed companies
    • Can lending break away private debt returns?
    • “Shadow Banking” or “Market Based Finance”?