GULF ANALYTICA, under the leadership of our President and CEO David Gibson-Moore, is at the forefront of delivering premium speaking engagements. Our initiatives aim to bridge the gap between financial education and business development in the Middle East, with a keen focus on pivotal subjects such as hedge funds, private equity, and portfolio management. Here's a glimpse into our notable contributions:

Most recently, at LEAP2024, the world's most-attended technology event that took place in March 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, our President and CEO delivered an introduce speech to kick start the Family Office Forum, which delved into the pivotal role of family offices as key investors and innovators, alongside challenges they encounter. It highlighted their significant contribution to global GDP, evolving investment trends in private sectors, the impact of generational wealth transfer, and the focus on ESG investing. Our President and CEO also moderated a fireside chat with Sonny Hong, CIO of Soho Holdings, discussing venture capital's role in family office portfolios.

Another significant engagement at the AIM Summit London in April 2023 saw our President and CEO chairing an invitation-only private roundtable with Dr. Larry Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury, entitled "High Corporate Debt Levels in Conjunction with High Interest Rates: A Major Looming Risk for Markets?"

At the recent COP28 in February 2024, our President and CEO moderated a panel discussion on the critical topic of climate change with Michael Mainnelli, Lord Mayor of London, Dr Aditya V. Bahadur, Chair of the Research at International Institute for Environment and Development, and Avinash Persaud, Emeritus Professor at Gresham College. They explored the mounting interest in impact investing and the imperative to scale up sustainable financial markets, despite the complexities involved. They also examined a range of pioneering financial tools, such as feed-in tariffs, diverse tax incentives, and renewable portfolio standards, which are vital in this endeavour. This enriching discussion was hosted in the Rotary Pavilion at COP28 and organised by Judith Diment MBE, Dean, Rotary Representatives Network to the UN and International Agencies.