At GULF ANALYTICA, we're passionate about partnering with startups, particularly those in the fintech space. Our unique value is derived from our profound industry insight and our extensive experience across the GCC. We have been instrumental in the inception, growth, and successful exit of numerous companies.

Our network of advisors and consultants have a diverse and proven track record in supporting entrepreneurs. We have worked with many innovative early stage companies and collaborated with numerous innovative early-stage companies across a wide array of projects. GULF ANALYTICA prides itself on assisting clients with crucial pitch meetings and investor presentations at the highest levels. Our areas of expertise include:

- Crafting and refining business models
- Conducting financial forecasts
- Developing, reviewing, and enhancing business plans
- Creating impactful pitch presentations
- Providing consultancy on capital raising and facilitating connections with angel investors, private investors, and venture capital firms
- Offering guidance and participating at the advisory board level

We have a track record of providing in-depth guidance on the advantages and disadvantages of trusts versus foundations for family offices and their legal teams within the GCC. Additionally, we've supported numerous family offices in strategizing asset allocation, and in developing co-investment and startup financing programs, including seed capital, and early-stage Series A and B funding.